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07 28 Sun

和楽器アンサンブル 真秀 コンサート in 神楽坂

青木滉一郎(尺八)、吉越瑛山(尺八)、大嶋礼子(箏・胡弓)、鳥越菜々子(箏・三味線)、林 正典(箏・三味線)、町田夢子(箏・三味線)、山形 光(箏・三味線)

和楽器アンサンブル 真秀



Japanese traditional musical instruments ensemble “MAHORA” All of the members are professional players, and with the tone of refined Japanese musical instruments, let ‘s enjoy the “unusual sound world”. They want to disseminate the charm of traditional music to contemporary Japanese, they are doing performances using that koto · shakuhachi · shamisen from that thought. In 2010, they formed a graduate of Tokyo National University of Fine Arts and Music, and started full-scale activities from 2016. Besides classical songs, members themselves are arranging and composing, they are challenging various songs pursuing the limits of Japanese traditional musical instruments. Performance videos delivered on Youtube exceeded 3.5 million total views.

—やまとは國のまほろばたたなづく 青垣山隠れる山としうるわし— 「 まほら」とは万葉集にも見られる言葉で「真秀」と書き、真に秀でたという意味になる。

ーYamato is the best place “Mahoro” in the country. A mountain of overlapping green fences, Yamato staying in it is beautifulー “Mahora” in the word that is also found in Manyoshu tanka collection , meaning it was truly outstanding.


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