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OXYD progressive jazz – Paris, France // The Lost Animals

Alexandre Herer(Fender Rhodes)、Julien Pontvianne(Tenor Saxophone)、Olivier Laisney(Trumpet)、Oliver Degabriele(Electric Bass)、Julien Chamla(Drums)

OXYD “The Lost Animals”

初来日になるが、5枚目のアルバム「The Lost Animals」(ロスト・アニマル)(Onze Heures Onzeレーベルで2019年リリース)を中心にツアー開催。


JAPAN TOUR 2019 “The Lost Animals”
「The Lost Animals」ジャパンツアー2019
Tournée japonaise “The Lost Animals”

メンバー / Band Members / Membres
Alexandre Herer Fender Rhodes
Julien Pontvianne Tenor saxophone / saxophone ténor
Olivier Laisney Trumpet / trompette
Oliver Degabriele Electric Bass / basse électrique
Julien Chamla Drums / batterie

ライブスケジュール / GIGS / Concerts

4 November 2019, Osaka, Environment 0g
2019年11月4日(月・祝)大阪Environment 0g

5 November 2019, Kyoto, Bonds Rosary
2019年11月5日(火)京都Bonds Rosary

6 November 2019, Kobe, ALWAYS

7 November 2019, Yokohama, A.B.Smile
2019年11月7日(木)横浜 A.B.Smile

8 November 2019, Tokyo, Asagaya Ten
2019年11月8日(金)東京 Asagaya Ten

9 November 2019, Tokyo, The Glee
2019年11月9日(土)東京The Glee



Founded over 10 years ago, French contemporary jazz band OXYD – which boasts four albums and several tours in France, Europe and abroad (China, India, USA, UK …) – has just recorded their fifth album. Over the course of their 10 years together, the five members had a large number of different artistic experiences, all of which participate in the richness of this new album entitled ‘The Lost Animals’. Alexandre Herer and Olivier Laisney, alongside Magic Malik developed a certain taste and ease for conceptual writing, rhythm and freedom in the playing. Julien Pontvianne continued his experiment with AUM Grand Ensemble, a project at the fringe of contemporary classical music, demonstrating mastery of minimalism and silence and thus encouraging Alexandre Herer to deepen his researches on computer music and micro-tone. Thibault Perriard was able to experiment more pop or electro aesthetics while Oliver Degabriele remains a sought-after jazz side-man and bassist, as well as an increasingly busy electric bassist on the European rock scene.

The band will be playing tunes from their new album entitled « The Lost Animals » that was released on May 3rd, 2019. For this record, Alexandre Herer strived to highlight the viewpoint of each musician. A certain ease and fluidity is conveyed by this music that yet contains the baggage of each musician. The performer becomes a direct actor, something between the improviser and the composer, between the player and the conductor.

Alexandre Herer – Fender Rhodes
Julien Pontvianne – Tenor Saxophone
Olivier Laisney – Trumpet
Oliver Degabriele – Electric Bass
Julien Chamla – Drums